Corner 10: Siamak Gholizadeh

Title: Harmonizing Diversity: Uniting Iranian Music Genres Through Creativity and Passion In the latest episode of “Cozy Corner with Hossein Nasiri,” viewers were treated to an enriching conversation between Hossein Nasiri and Siamak Gholizadeh, the renowned Iranian journalist and chief editor of Cadence music magazine. Their dialogue traversed various realms of creativity, shedding light on …

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Corner 00: Cozy Corner

Unleashing Creativity: The Journey Through Cozy Corner In a world where the hustle and bustle of daily life often dampen the creative spirit, the “Cozy Corner” podcast emerges as a haven for those yearning to reconnect with their imaginative essence. Hosted by a passionate advocate for creativity, the podcast stands out as a conversational platform …

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