Corner 17: Makan Mehrpouya

Navigating the Depths of Creativity: Insights from Makan Mehrpouya on “Cozy Corner with Hossein Nasiri”

In an enlightening episode of “Cozy Corner with Hossein Nasiri,” Makan Mehrpouya, a pivotal figure in the Iranian creative and advertising landscape, shares deep insights into the essence of creativity, emotional engagement, and the ongoing evolution of advertising dynamics.

A Journey Through Time and Creativity

Makan Mehrpouya’s career, which commenced in 1999, perfectly exemplifies the fusion of cinema studies with a keen marketing acumen. His involvement in over 300 branding campaigns for significant brands like Bank Shahr, Saipa, and Samsung showcases his ability to blend compelling visual narratives with strong brand messages, resonating deeply with audiences.

Philosophy of Creativity

Mehrpouya’s philosophy revolves around the intricate dance between creativity and emotional connection. He asserts that true creativity extends beyond ideation, touching the realms of deep emotional engagement with the audience. This philosophy is not just theoretical but is vividly demonstrated in his campaigns, which seek to create not just customers but brand advocates.

Building Emotional Bridges

Mehrpouya highlighted the critical role of emotional connections in branding. Understanding consumer emotions and cultural nuances are paramount in crafting messages that not only persuade but also endear brands to their audiences. His approach aligns with modern trends where empathy and understanding are central to creative success.

Navigating Creative Challenges

Creativity in advertising comes with its set of challenges. Mehrpouya touched upon issues like imposter syndrome and creative blocks, underscoring the resilience required to overcome such obstacles. His advice includes venturing beyond comfort zones, confronting personal fears, and expanding one’s experiences—essential strategies for both personal growth and professional excellence.

The Art of Balance

A significant theme that Mehrpouya emphasized was the balance between creativity and relaxation. He advocates for taking regular breaks and engaging in non-work-related activities, which are crucial for mental rejuvenation and sustaining productivity. This balanced approach helps maintain a steady flow of creativity while preventing burnout.

The Role of Personal Experiences and Self-Awareness

Mehrpouya discussed how personal experiences and self-awareness are crucial in fueling creativity. These elements act as a guiding light, helping overcome challenges and uncovering hidden opportunities. Drawing from personal memories and experiences provides a rich substrate from which creative ideas can germinate.

The Impact of Cultural Sensitivity and Environmental Responsibility

Mehrpouya also discussed the importance of cultural sensitivity and environmental responsibility in crafting advertising campaigns. Recognizing and valuing traditional sectors while updating societal norms is crucial for creating inclusive and progressive content that not only sells products but also promotes societal well-being.

Iran’s Advertising Influence in the Middle East

Iran’s role in the Middle Eastern advertising sector is notable, with professionals like Mehrpouya leading the way in influencing regional advertising trends. Iranian advertisers have uniquely combined traditional Persian artistry and modern marketing techniques, creating a distinctive style that resonates across the Middle East. These contributions are particularly significant given the diverse cultural backdrop of the region, where understanding and respecting local nuances are key to successful advertising.

Iranian creative agencies have been pivotal in setting trends that emphasize storytelling, an essential component in making brands relatable and engaging. The narrative techniques developed and refined by these agencies have often been adopted by neighboring countries, looking to tap into the emotional and cultural connection that Iranian advertisers excel at creating.

The Vital Role of Downtime in Creative Work

Mehrpouya highlighted the significant role that taking breaks and engaging in non-thinking activities play in boosting creativity. This practice isn’t just about resting the mind, but about allowing it to wander and explore new territories without the pressure of immediate outputs.

Mental Rejuvenation and Inspiration

Taking regular breaks from creative tasks allows the mind to reset and rejuvenate. During periods of relaxation, the brain processes previous inputs and makes connections between disparate ideas. This unconscious processing can lead to the ‘eureka’ moments that are so prized in creative fields.

Engagement in Non-Thinking Activities

Non-thinking activities, such as a leisurely walk or hobbies like gardening, help in reducing stress levels and provide mental clarity, making it easier for creative professionals to solve complex problems when they return to work.

Boosting Creativity Through Structured Downtime

Structured downtime, which involves scheduling regular intervals for relaxation and engagement in non-thinking activities, can significantly enhance creative output. This approach helps maintain a healthy balance between work and rest, ensuring that the mind remains sharp and capable of generating innovative ideas.


Makan Mehrpouya’s comprehensive insights highlight the multifaceted nature of creativity in the advertising industry. His methods, rooted in deep emotional connections, a thorough understanding of consumer psychology, and a balanced lifestyle, provide invaluable lessons for creatives worldwide. As the landscape of advertising continues to evolve, his forward-thinking philosophies and

practices are set to influence both current and future generations of creative professionals.

Mehrpouya’s narrative underscores that the journey of a creative professional is as much about introspection and personal growth as it is about professional success. His approach reveals that navigating the complex world of creative industries requires not just technical skill and knowledge but also a profound understanding of human emotions and cultural dynamics.

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